Imagining children constitutionally. This idea has guided the Centre for Child Law’s work for the past 20 years. Strategic litigation, advocacy, research and other activities have been carried out with the conviction that children are bearers of human rights and freedoms that must be affirmed and realised. In addition to describing the work carried out by the Centre in 2018, this Annual Report also reflects on a conference that was held to celebrate 20 years of the Centre’s existence. The conference was held under the rubric ‘imagining children constitutionally’ – borrowed of course from the iconic words of Sachs J in the Centre’s first Constitutional Court case of S v M [2007] ZACC 18. The conference was attended by colleagues, partners and friends that have – at one time or another – worked with the Centre or Centre personnel to advance the rights of children through litigation, advocacy and research. The conference was an opportunity to reflect on the successes for children in different areas of the law, by the Centre and partner organisations and colleagues.