The Centre for Child Law invites you to join us for a launch of our report, ‘Child Trafficking in South Africa: exploring the myths and realities’ on Friday, 21 August 2020 at 10:00. A presentation of the findings of the report will be followed by responses from experts in the field of children on the move, child protection, human trafficking, sex work and gender-based violence as well as a Q & A session with all participants.

In South Africa child trafficking has become a central concern for both the State and non-State actors. However, very little reliable data exists to determine the nature and scope of the problem in the country and confusion around the definition of human trafficking also means that it is regularly conflated with human smuggling and other forms of irregular migration of both adults and children.

Based on concerns that claims of ‘child trafficking’ and ‘child protection’ are being erroneously used to justify measures and practices that violate the rights of children this study commissioned by the Centre for Child Law (University of Pretoria) explores the current child migration/trafficking context in South Africa. Drawing on empirical research the report shows that despite a progressive framework of laws and policies designed to protect the rights of children in South Africa, including non-nationals, the realities of children on the move are being regularly ignored. Furthermore, the use of unsubstantiated claims about child trafficking are being used to justify repressive policies and practices, which subsequently, places children at greater risk.

See the invitation here – PDF