Fortunate is a Candidate Attorney at the Centre for Child Law whose tasks include assisting in strategic litigation, drafting documents, liaising with clients, assisting in preparation for court appearances and conducting research on child related matters. Fortunate obtained his Paralegal Certificate from Boston City Campus and Business College. He also obtained his LLB degree from the North-West University and recently completed his LLM from the same University specialising in International Child Law. Fortunate’s dissertation focused on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Street Children (Children in the Street Situation) where he argues that existing legislation needs be amended so as to be inclusive of children in the street situation and the need for development of policy which favour these children in order for the State to adequately address this plight in South Africa. His legal interests include child and family law, customary law, civil and political and socio-economic rights, and the relationship between States in relation to the protection and promotion of children’s rights.