CCL tendered its submissions the the UNCRC to highlight issues of concern and provide important recommendations to be considered by the State. The issues identified and recommendations offered reflect the experience, research and engagements with stakeholders, particularly the impact on children affected. This report addresses (1)The minimum age for marriage and ongoing legal reforms towards outlawing child marriages; (2) Birth registration, statelessness and nationality; (3) Children’s rights and the business sector, specifically as it relates to the impact of climate change on the rights of the child and environmental health; (4) Measures adopted regarding cultural practices that negatively affect children, and the balancing of indigenous peoples’ rights alongside children’s rights; (5) The right to basic education for Children with Disabilities (CwDs) and challenges regarding access to real infrastructure and school admission; (6) Barriers to access to education for undocumented learners; (7) The challenges regarding children in street situations; (8) Challenges pertaining to the administration of child justice, with specific references
children sentenced in Secure Care Centres; (9) Concerns regarding children as victims of sexual violence in schools and their right to give witness testimony in proceedings in civil disciplinary proceedings and (10) The right of a child witness to meaningfully participate in court during sexual violence proceedings.