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Publications during 2015

  • Skelto'SouthAfrica' iToLiefaard anJaaDoek (edsLitigatinthRightothChildthUConvention othRightothChiliDomestianInternational  Jurisprudenc(2015SpringerDordrecht
  • Skelton'FreedoithMakingin F Zimringetal. JuvenilJusticiGlobaPerspectiv(2015) NYPress: NewYork
  • Skelto'S v Williams: A springboard fofurthedebate aboucorporapunishment201ActJuridic263
  • Skeltoand M Courtenay 'SoutAfrica'NeChild JusticSystemin J Winterky(edJuvenilJustice: InternationaPerspectivesModelanTrend(2015CRC Press/Tayloand FrancisBocRaton
  • Skeltoand L Mansfeld-Barr'DevelopmentiSouth Africalaw regardinthsentencinoprimarcare givers' 201EuropeaJournaoParentaImprisonmen14
  • vadeMerwand A Skelto'Victimsmitigatinviews isentencindecisions: A comparative analysis2015 35 (2OxforJournaoLegaStudie355
  • DToiand Z Hansungul'S v Sunreportedcasno141114/14(WCC)Sentencinchiloffenderaftethey tur18201(54SoutAfricaCrimQuarterl65-72.
  • Courtena'ThChilJusticAct: Are assessmenothminimuagocriminal responsibilityAvailablat: http//

Publications during 2014

  • Ann Skelton “Adolescent consensual sex decriminalized by the South African Constitutional Court” 2014 (29) 1 Justice International Issues 22-25
  • Ann Skelton “Leveraging funds for school infrastructure” (2014) International Journal of Educational Development 59-63
  • Ann Skelton “South Africa” in Jaap Doek and Ton Liefaard Litigating the rights of the child: The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Domestic and International Jurisprudence Springer: Dordrecht 13-30
  • Ann Skelton “Vintage? A new wine infused with Ubuntu and dignity” (2014) 3 International Journal on Restorative Justice (guest editorial) 253-259
  • Ann Skelton and Morgan Courtenay “South Africa’s New Child Justice System” in John A. Winterdyk (ed) Juvenile Justice: International Perspectives, Models an Trends: CRC Press 321 - 342
  • Annette van der Merwe and Ann Skelton “Victim’s mitigating views in sentencing decisions: A comparative analysis” (2014) Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 1-18
  • Carina du Toit Juta Quarterly Review (2014), four contributions in 2014
  • Carina du Toit “Chapter 9: Sections 15-16 Consensual sexual acts with certain children”, “Chapter 10: Section 17 Sexual exploitation of children” and “Chapter 21: Section 56 subsections (2)-(6) and subsection (8) Defences relating to children and mentally disabled” in Smyth and Pithey Sexual Offences Commentary (2014, Revision Service)
  • Zita Hansungule “Recognising the existence of a court based child sensitive criminal justice system before the advent of the Child Justice Act” (2014) 1(16) Article 40 5-7
  • Zita Hansungule “Registering child and youth care centres in terms of the Children’s Act 38 of 2005” (2014) 2(32) Child and Youth Care Work Journal 20-23
  • Zita Hansungule “Protecting child offender’s rights: Testing the constitutionality of the National Register for sex offenders” (2014) 50 South African Crime Quarterly 23-30

Publications during 2013

  • Ngidi K “Illegal sales of alcohol: asset forfeiture” South African Crime Quarterly vol 45, 2013
  • Courtenay M & Skelton A contributed to ‘Child and Youth misbehavior in South Africa: A holistic approach’ Van Schaik publishers 2013
  • du Toit C Juta Quarterly Law Review 2013, three contributions in 2013 to date.
  • Skelton A ‘The role of the courts in ensuring the right to a basis education in a democratic South Africa: A critical evaluation of recent education’ De Jure 2013 Vol 1 (46)
  • Skelton A ‘S v FM and S v LM Constitutional interpretations of automatic review of child offenders' cases 2013’ SA Crime Quarterly
  • Skelton A ‘The South African Constitutional Court’s restorative justice jurisprudence 2013 1(1) Restorative Justice: An International Journal (forthcoming)
  • Skelton A ‘Civilising civil justice’ in D Cornwell, J Blad, M Wright (eds) Civilising criminal law Waterside Press, Hook, Hampshire (2013)
  • Skelton A ‘Children’s Rights’ in I Currie and J de Waal (ed) Bill of Rights Handbook (2013)

Publications during 2012

  • Courtenay M ‘Solons Warning: S v CKM & 2 Similar Cases (Centre for Child Law as amicus curiae)’ 2012 Volume 14 – Number 1 Article 40 6 – 8.
  • Courtenay M ‘Automatic review of regional court sentences: S v FM (Centre for Child Law as amicus curiae) Article 40 [To be published middle November 2012]
  • du Toit C 'Recent developments in Child Law' Miller Du Toit Conference March 2012 Cape Town
  • du Toit C Juta Quarterly Law Review 2012, three contributions to date.
  • du Toit C Update of Chapter 17 'Child Abduction' in Davel and Skelton Commentary on the Children's Act Revision Service 5, 2012.
  • Skelton A ‘The role of the courts in ensuring the right to a basic education in a democratic South Africa: a critical evaluation of recent education case law’ 2012 De Jure 
  • Skelton A ‘How far will the courts go in ensuring the right to a basic education’ 2012 (27) SAPL
  • Skelton A and Courtenay M ‘The impact of children’s rights on criminal justice’ 2012 (1) South African Journal of Criminal Law 180-193.
  • Skelton A ‘Kinship care and cash grants: In search of sustainable solutions for children living with members of their extended families in South Africa’ 2012 International Survey of Family Law Journal
  • Skelton A and Courtenay M ‘The Child Justice Act: Practice and Procedure’ in Bezuidenhout C and Joubert S (eds) Child and youth misbehaviour in South Africa: A holistic approach (2012)

Publications during 2011

  • C du Toit Juta Quarterly Law Review 'Children' four submissions annually, last 14 Oct 2011
  • A Skelton ‘From Cook County to Pretoria: A long walk to justice for children’ Spring 2011(vol 6.2) Northwestern Journal of Law and Social Policy 414-427
  • T Boezaart and A Skelton ‘From pillar to post: Legal solutions for children with debilitating conduct disorder’ in I Grobelaar and T van Reenen (ed) Developments in the field of disability law in Africa PULP: Pretoria (2011)
  • A Skelton ‘Children locked up: Towards detention as a measure of last resort’ in S Hoctor and M Carnelley (eds) The Contribution of Tony Mathews to South African Law: Commemorative Publication of the Centre for Criminal Justice UKZN Press (2011)
  • A Skelton and C Badenhorst The criminal capacity of children in South Africa: International developments and considerations for a review Research Report (2011) Child Justice Alliance, University of the Western Cape: Belville

Publications during 2010

  • Du Toit C Juta’s Quarterly Law Review 2010 - developments on Children (2 review updates published during 2010)
  • Du Toit C and Mbambo B ‘Early Childhood Development’ (pages in CJ Davel and AM Skelton (eds) Commentary on the Children’s Act (Revision Service 2, 2010) Juta: Cape Town
  • Ngidi R ‘The role of International law in the development of children’s rights in South Africa: A children’s rights litigator’s perspective’ in International law and domestic human rights litigation in Africa M Killander (ed) PULP: Pretoria 2010
  • Skelton A ‘Girls socio-economic rights’ 2010 26 (1) South African Journal on Human Rights 141 - 163
  • Skelton A “Child and youth care centres” (pages 13-1 to 13-30) and “Drop-in centres” (pages 14-1 to 14-16) in CJ Davel and AM Skelton (eds) Commentary on the Children’s Act (Revision Service 2, 2010) Juta: Cape Town
  • Skelton A and Carnelley M (eds) Family Law in South Africa (2010) Oxford University Press – text book for undergraduate law students.
  • Skelton A and Kruger H (eds) The Law of Persons in South Africa (2010) Oxford University Press – text book for undergraduate law students.

Publications during 2009

  • Du Toit C Juta’s Quarterly Law Review 2009 - Developments on Children (2 review updates published during 2009)
  • A Skelton ‘Severing the umbilical chord: A subtle jurisprudential shift regarding children and their primary caregivers’ 2008 1 Constitutional Court Review 351
  • A Skelton ‘Fear for children of fear of children? Child Justice Bill breaches the Divide’ Editorial 2009 22 (1) Acta Criminologica 1
  • A Skelton ‘The development of a fledgling child rights jurisprudence in Eastern and Southern Africa based on international and regional instruments’ 2008 (9) African Human Rights Law Journal
  • A Skelton ‘Parental Responsibilities and Rights’ in Child Law in South Africa 2009 Juta
  • A Skelton ‘Constitutional Protection of Children’s Rights’ in Child Law in South Africa 2009 Juta
  • R Ngidi ‘Upholding the best interests of the child within South African customary law’ in Child Law in South Africa 2009
  • C du Toit ‘Legal representation of children’ in Child Law in South Africa 2009
  • C du Toit ‘The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction’ in Child Law in South Africa 2009
  • R Ngidi ‘The Supreme Court of Appeal lays down rules concerning children under 14 years’ (2009) 11 Article 40 1.

Publications during 2008

  • Carina Du Toit Juta’s Quarterly Law Review - Developments in child law (3 review updates published during 2008)
  • Prinslean Mahery & Paula Proudlock Legal guide to age thresholds for children 4th Edition (2008) Children’s Institute, University of Cape Town & Centre for Child Law, University of Pretoria
  • Ronaldah Ngidi “Minimum sentences legislation for child offenders found unconstitutional: Centre for Child v Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development and Others (11214/08 TPD)” (2008) 10 Article 40 1.
  • Ann Skelton “Current Policy and Practice, and Future Prospects” in C Bezuidenhout and S Joubert (eds) Child and Youth Misbehaviour in South Africa: A Holistic Approach 2nd Edition (2008) Van Schaik: Pretoria
  • Ann Skelton “Restorative Justice in Child Justice Systems in Africa” in J Sloth-Nielsen (ed) Children’s Rights in Africa: A Legal Perspective (2008) Ashgate: Aldershot
  • Ann Skelton “Family Group Conferencing in the Child Justice Bill: Implications for the child care system” in J Sloth-Nielsen and Z du Toit (eds) Trials and Tribulations, Trends and Triumphs: Developments in International, African and South African Child and Family Law (2008) Juta: Cape Town.
  • Ann Skelton “Special Assignment: Interpreting the right to legal representation in terms of section 28(1)(h) of the Constitution of South Africa” in J Sloth-Nielsen and Z du Toit (eds) Trials and Tribulations, Trends and Triumphs: Developments in International, African and South African Child and Family Law (2008) Juta: Cape Town.
  • Ann Skelton and Jacqui Gallinetti “A Long and Winding Road: The Child Justice Bill and Civil Society Advocacy” (2008) 15 SA Crime Quarterly 3
  • Ann Skelton and Boyane Tshehla Child Justice in South Africa (2008) Monograph 150 Institute for Security Studies: Pretoria
  • Ann Skelton and Mike Batley “Restorative Justice: A Contemporary South African Review” (2008) 21 Acta Criminologica 37
  • Ann Skelton “Case note: S v M (Centre for Child Law as Amicus Curiae)” (2008) 1 Constitutional Court Review (forthcoming)

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10 December 2018


On 5 to 7 December 2018, the Centre for Child Law celebrated 20 Years of litigation, research & advocacy in order to advance child law and children's rights in South Africa.

The Centre held a conference that was attended by partners and friends nationally, regionally & internationally. The conference was a success and pictures will be placed on the website in due course.

The Centre also produced a publication to commemorate this milestone. The publication is titled "20 Years of Imagining Children Constitutionally: Strategic Litigation and Advocacy for Children's Rights in South Africa". The publication provides descriptions and insights into the Centre's cases, at all levels of the superior courts. It also provides a description of the Centre's advocacy, research & academic work.

To access the publication please see the link below:

CCL 20 Year Publication -

Part 1

Part 2


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