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The Centre for Child Law  was established in 1998 and is based in the Faculty of Law at the University of Pretoria. The Director of the Centre is Prof Ann Skelton.

The Centre contributes towards the establishment and promotion of the best interests of children in South Africa through litigation, advocacy, research and education.

The Centre is registered as a Law Clinic and through strategic impact litigation aims to set legal precedent to improve and strengthen laws pertaining to children.

University of Pretoria Faculty of Law


Latest Judgments & Reports

20 November 2018

 Learners at Special- Needs Schools - Research Brief. The Management of and Rights of Learners at Special-Needs Schools  
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 26 September 2018

 Ex Parte Molantoa and Others (Centre for Child Law as amicus curiae). When is it appropriate to appoint a curator ad litem to assist children in claims against the Road Accident Fund?  
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7 May 2019

 Centre for Child Law & Others v Media 24 Limited and Others - Protecting the identities of child victims, witnesses and offenders  

Constitutional Court - Johannesburg




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Latest News

18 January 2019


The beginning of the 2019 academic year saw some parents scramble to find places for their children in Gauteng schools. On 7 January 2019, it was reported that just over 17 000 learners still needed to be placed in grades 1 and 8 classes. The Centre for Child Law (the Centre) is concerned by the persistence of school placement shortages in the province.

The Centre calls on the Gauteng Provincial Education Department (GPED) to remedy this through review of its planning process. In line with this call, the Centre is completing a study to highlight the problems faced by the GPED and possible solutions.

For more see the press statement below -

Press Statement


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